Monday, April 5, 2010

Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs

Deep Thoughts from Twin Tables readers:
Foodie 1: Did you see the Twin Tables blog yesterday about the deep fried Cadbury eggs?
Foodie 2: Yeah, I totally saw it and I can't believe I never thought about doing that before!  But it didn't really inspire me that much.
Foodie 1: I wonder what they have on the blog today. Whoa! Do you see that picture?  Now THAT makes me want to try a Deep Fried Cadbury egg!
Foodie 2: No kidding!  Don't we have some Cadbury eggs in a secrect stash? 
Foodie 1: No...but we can steal them from some kid's Easter basket!  Let's get the oil heating...

Mmm...mmm...Good (and it isn't even soup!)

Cadbury eggs are an Easter tradtion.  We all rememeber the commercials from our childhood promoting this yummy treat.  Lucky for us, the current networks decided to keep the classic commercials running this year. The various animals wearing rabbit ears are just too cute.  So cute, in fact, that the power of subliminal advertising seemed to have worked on the two of us.  We somehow managed to collect a few Cadbury eggs over the last couple of months, and since Easter is over, we need to eat these babies up, and fast.  How can one improve upon the taste of a Cadbury Egg?  By deep frying it of course!  Ok, we must confess that we have been saving our eggs for just this very reason but we didn't want to admit that we actually WANTED to deep fry anything.  nspired by the favorite carnival treat, a deep fried mars bar, a Cadbury egg was a tempting treat.  After a quick dunk in a simple batter and a short swin in hot oil, these eggs were crunchy and gooey and utterly delicious.  Use up leftover hard boiled eggs with Bloody Mary deviled eggs but use up leftover Cadbury eggs by frying these suckers up.

Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs
from the kitchen of Twin Tables

1/2 cup self rising flour
3-4 oz milk
pinch of salt
Canola oil
2 Cadbury eggs

Mix the flour, enough milk to make a thick batter and salt together to form a nice batter.  Set aside.  Heat oil to 375 F.  Dip the Cadbury eggs in the batter and drop into the preheated oil.  Fry for 5 minutes or until golden brown.  Remove to paper towels to dry and cool slighty.  Take a bite and savor the glorious goodness. 

Yields 2 fried eggs


  1. No, sorry, ick for this one.

  2. Son of a biscuit! My mom and I just polished off the last of our Cadbury eggs! I'd SOOOO try this! Maybe our local grocery store still has some left...

  3. I wonder if I could actually remember this in 10 months so I can make them?

  4. There might be some hanging around still. Maybe we should come up for a recipe for cadbury eggs just so we can make this dessert!



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